Contributions from NCMS2013 Delegates

Zubin Kanga

After yesterday’s session many were interested to listen to Zubin Kanga’s performance of David Young’s Not Music Yet

Click here to download and listen to Zubin Kanga’s 10 minute recording! During his talk he mentioned having prepared and recorded a 40 minute version for CD.

Jerry Wigens

Score as Guide or InspirationDownload short essay here

Further pdf of a quote of a passage written by Thomas Bernhard, to be read in accompaniment to Jerry’s short essay, can be downloaded here

Jerry will be improvising on Saturday, 19th October (7pm) with Celia Lu and James O’Sullivan

Tom Armstrong

During the midday concert on Sunday 20th October Tom Armstrong will talk briefly about his work: Album Leaves followed by a performance by Simon Desbrulais (solo trumpet). He has provided a short essay to be read to accompany this. Click here to download this short essay!

NCMS2013 Schedule and Keynote Speakers

Click this Link to download the schedule for the symposium (to be updated).
We are happy to announce our confirmed keynote speakers (click on names for further links and information):

Richard Barrett


Dr James Saunders

Co-author (with John Lely) of ‘Word Events

Dr Sam Hayden

Contemporary Music Research Unit: CMRU, Goldsmiths


Friday 18th October / Deptford Town Hall

- All Concerts are Free and Open to the Public! -

Free Concert: 7:30pm

1. Richard Hoadley, with Jane Turner, Gareth Stuart

  • Richard Hoadley: Quantum (2013)

2. FAINT (Franziska Schroeder, Pedro Rebelo, Steve Davis)

  • Diogo Alvim: Inside Out (Situation #3) (2012)
  • Pedro Rebelo: Cipher Series (2010)
  • Justin Yang: Webwork (2010)

Saturday, 19th October / Deptford Town Hall

Free Concert: 7:00pm

1. Xenia Pestova / Toy Piano with Electronics

  • Patricia Alessandrini: Schattengewaechse (2013)
  • Carlos Perales: Three Liturgies (2012)

2. Pavlos Antoniadis: Piano Solo

  • Brian Ferneyhough: Opus Contra Naturam (2000)
  • Iannis Xenakis: Herma (1961)

3. Jerry Wigens, with with Chun Ming Celia Lu, & James O’Sullivan

  • Improvisation

Keynote Concert: 8:00pm


Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer: Electronic composition/performance duo

Entrance to the keynote concert is free, but places are limited. All delegates registered to the symposium have priority; those wishing to come that aren’t attending the symposium must send a mail to Alistair Zaldua (address below) to reserve a seat at the concert.

Registration: please contact Alistair Zaldua via email:

Sunday, 20th October / RHB 167

Free Concert: 2:30pm

1. Simon Desbruslais: Trumpet

  • Tom Armstrong: Album Leaves (2013) 

2. Lauren Redhead: Organ

  • Caroline Lucas: [Unnamed Maps Series] (2010)
  • Adam Fergler: IMAGE MUSIC TEXT (2011)

3. Ryan/Blunt/Mitchell/Zeitlin: Improvisation

  • Christophe Guiraud: Shale/Schiste (2012)
  • Thomas Smetryns:This Could be the Most
    Beautiful Piece in the World
4. Chris Redgate Oboe, Steven Robbins Piano
  • Sam Hayden: surface / tension (2012)

For information on the The Thailand Restaurant, click here

Symposium: Notation in Contemporary Music: Composition, Performance, Improvisation 18 - 20 October, 2013, Goldsmiths University of London

Hosted by: Contemporary Music Research Unit (CMRU)

Department of Music, Goldsmiths, University of London

October 18 - 20, 2013

This symposium brings together composers, researchers, improvisors, and practitioners working in contemporary music, and musicologists studying the influence notation has had for composers and performers.

From the problematics of the score as music’s sound-image to the the (im)possibility of transcription, contemporary music has been challenging the role of notation on various levels. Several responses such as non-standard formats of open works, graphic or text-based scores, have today become standard practice. To the extent that new notation seeks to problematize traditional ideologies of music performance, the symposium seeks to address the limits that current notational practices wish to explore, and to throw open possibilities for future endeavours. As such, post-WWII approaches are considered to be part of standard performance practice, although past practices can prove fruitful today in unexpected ways. Especially after the deconstructive turn in philosophy and the arts, music notation has seen novel interpretations, which are particularly welcome, although the symposium is aimed at accommodating all current directions. Recent developments in composition, aesthetics, technology, or performance can inform this gathering, which hopes to constitute a space of thinking today’s notation at the intersection of current research in such fields.

Themes include:
• Graphic notation
• Relationship between notation and improvisation
• New complexity
• Aesthetics, philosophy, and notation
• Visual music
• Interpretation
• Word scores

Click here for Facebook page dedicated to the symposium.

Click here for Goldsmiths CMRU webpage

Twitter: #NCMS2013

Professor Roger Redgate:,
Dr Dimitris Exarchos:, or
Alistair Zaldua:

Tom Mudd: